Maxie & Moo EVA Foam Baby Play Mat – Grey with Colourful Stars


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Large Size Baby Floor Tiles - Each interlocking foam play mat tile size is 60 x 60 x 1.4cm. Each set contains 6 tiles as well as edges to give you a total mat size when flat of 180cm x 120cm. The extra-thick (1.4cm) foam tiles give your child that extra protection and softens the landing from baby or toddler bumps and falls. Stylish Design - A beautiful modern white and grey neutral design that complements your room instead of clashing with it. Water Resistant - Easy To Clean Simply wipe the inevitable spillages with a damp cloth. Safe And Non-Toxic Padded Protective Play - This Childrens play puzzle mat is made from high quality, non-toxic EVA foam material. The mats are BPA-free and phthalate-free. It is thick and soft, durable and safe.

Please note: - Beware of sharp objects and furniture on the mats as these can cause damage and indentations on the mats - The playmats can fade over time due to sunlight exposure (both indirect or direct exposure) - The design is printed onto the foam tiles and could fade and peel over time depending on your use of the mat. - It is recommended that the mats are cleaned with a soft cloth and water to avoid damaging the mat or the design


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